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  • P0172: System Too Rich Error. р0172 System Too Rich Diagnostic Trouble Code

    P0172 Error means System Too Rich. Thus, combustion cylinders are supplied with too rich fuel mixture. As the code P0171, a rich mixture error is a system one. That is, it does not indicate a clear failure of sensors, but the parameters of the fuel amount...   Read more →
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  • P0171: error code “lean mixture”. The reasons and ways of fixing the error р0171

    Lean mixture code P0171The error code P0171 appears due to lean mixture, when there is lack of fuel and oversupply of air. This mixture appears when the engine acquires too much air from outer environment and/or the fuel system injects not enough fuel. Su...   Read more →
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  • How to check the speed controller

    Should the engine of your car stall in the idle run mode, then you probably need to check several detectors (the mass airflow detector, throttle valve position sensor, idle air control valve, NE sensor) in order to define the malfunctioning one. We have v...   Read more →
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  • How Do I Check Ignition Coil

    Ignition Coil plays an important role in the vehicle ignition system. In such ignition systems, as contact, contactless and electronic, the coil creates a high voltage.Despite the rather rare coil breakage, it still happens. The most common cause of failu...   Read more →
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  • Headlights Adjustment

    In order to avoid problems such as reduced visibility zone at night, as well as increased risk for drivers traveling in the opposite lane, it is necessary to properly adjust the headlights of the car.There are three effective ways to adjust them: manual, ...   Read more →
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