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DIY Car Repairs is a community of car users, which has been forming for 10 years. Articles about car repair are divided into different headings for our reader's convenience.

Our authors are the real deal in car repair and most of them experienced working in specialized services.

What kind of DIY car repairs you can do

Some pieces of the work in car repair can be done without complex equipment or special tools. For example, self-made diagnostics of the car are now widespread. You only need an error scanner and a smartphone to do this, and then you should identify an error code and find recommendations for its fixing.

If we are talking about minor body repair, this category mainly includes a small car body paint job. It repairs scratches and scuffs. You can also do simple car maintenance by your own: change the oil and other technical fluids, change the brake pads and discs, and change filters.

With the help of our instructions you will be able to do more complicated procedures, such as: replacing spark plugs, sensors, checking some systems or works related to an engine repair or other major components. Some of them will definitely require special tools and knowledge of all aspects. But we will give professional advice on such procedures.

Some of them are described by our authors in the relevant headings. Being armed with such knowledge any man or even woman will be able to repair the car with their own hands. It will save a few hundred dollars, and will help you to avoid wasting time visiting car maintenance service with a simple problem which you can fix from 5 minutes or maximum in 1 hour.