Clutch replacement on Volkswagen Golf 4

According to the schedule, in some operation sources of Volkswagen Golf 4, you should replace the clutch after every 93 thousands operation miles. However, from the experience of working with cars of these years I could say that the clutch should be replace after wear and tear symptoms have appeared. In our case, there were following wear and tear symptoms: severe vibration in clutch pedal and hard gear switching. Sometimes I could not shift gears at all.

In order to replace the clutch kit on Golf 4 1.9 TDI 2000 you are going to need: a jack, a hydraulic prop, a set of wrenches and a set of screwdrivers. In our case, along with the hydraulic prop we used a secret tool — stumps. It would be better to carry out this work with a partner.

Clutch kit spare part number 622 2235 00.

Working algorithm of the clutch disc, basket and bearing:

  1. Remove the accumulator
  2. Detach the clutch from the transmission
  3. Remove the wheel and the semi-axle
  4. Unscrew the starter
  5. Remove the lower engine cushion
  6. Dismantle the transmission
  7. Replace the clutch kit

Remove the accumulator battery


Disconnect the plugs


Remove links from the transmission


Unscrew the clutch cylinder


Remove the air filter body and do not forget to unscrew the mass airflow sensor


Remove the wheel and unscrew the hub nut


Take out the semi-axle


Remove the starter


Remove the lower engine cushion


Hang out the engine along with the transmission


Dismantle the transmission using a hydraulic prop


Install the new clutch kit with the help of centring bolt

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