Replacement of cabin air filter for Nissan Qashqai

Replacement of cabin air filter for Nissan Qashqai is included into scheduled maintenance. You can easily replace cabin air filter with your own hands.

When to replace and what type of Qashqai cabin air filter should be used

According to manufacturer’s recommendations, the replacement frequency should be every 30 000 km but in our conditions such procedure should be carried out at least twice as often. Ideally, cabin air filter should be replaced every season.

For replacement, you need to use original cabin air filter for Nissan Qashqai 27277EN000 but you can also use analogues offered by different manufacturers.

In this case, it was decided to install TSN 97372 (coal air filter) in Nissan Qashqai. You can also use MANN FILTER CU1936, SAKURA CAC1810, MAHLE LA396 and others.

Where Qashqai cabin air filter is located and how to replace it

Cabin air filter is installed to the right of throttle pedal behind the panel. To replace air filter, remove cover of central tunnel, prepare damper control unit, remove cover of cabin air filter and dismantle the unit. Then you can replace filter and reinstall all components. For more details, see descriptions to photos.


Original cabin air filter for Nissan Qashqai 27277-EN000


Analogue carbon air filter for Nissan Qashqai


Remove cover of central tunnel on the side of throttle pedal to ensure access to cabin air filter. Pull it on ourselves.


Since the cover is inserted into guider on the side of throttle pedal and fixed with 4 latches on the side of driver seat, it will move rightward after release of latches.


Prior to remove filter plug, it is necessary to perform preparation procedure, namely: adjust damper control unit so that it would be easy to reassemble it.

For this purpose direct blower nozzle to windscreen and set temperature to ‘HI’ mode (damper plate is uppermost position). You can also set temperature to ‘LO’ then the damper will lowered to lowermost position.

Then turn up the plug, using conventional flat screwdriver (red arrow).


It is easy to remove and install the plug since it has simple latch.


Now, we can see the place for installation of cabin air filter for Nissan Qashqai.


Since damper control unit will prevent the disassembly of filter, it should be removed by means of screwdriver. For this purpose, remove the plug from connector of control unit and unscrew 2 bolts that fix holding unit. The unit is removed easily.


Remove used cabin air filter (pull it with screwdriver).


Air direction arrows (pay attention to them) on used cabin air filter.


New carbon air filter also has the mark, pointing airflow direction.


To replace filter, twist new filter first since throttle pedal will prevent its installation and install it in place, considering front-to-back direction of airflow (it is much easier to insert new filter than remove the old one).


Then install the plug of cabin air filter.


Install damper control unit. For this purpose, return damper wheel in its original place while holding it with screwdriver (use long thin screwdriver).

Then connect the plug of damper control unit and check its operation.

Then reinstall cover of central tunnel.

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