Volkswagen Passat B5: how to disassemble the door and repair the door lock

In order to remove Volkswagen Passat B5 door covering and disassemble the door we shall need the following tools:

  • «Torx 20» wrench;
  • Heavy cross head screwdriver;
  • 10 screwdriver, preferably box type or 10 socket wrench;
  • flat screwdriver, and if you need to disassemble the rear door, you will need a tool capable to knock out plastic rings from the window.

After removing the decorative cover you only need to remove the entire metal cover raising it slightly upwards since the window lifters are located in the lower part. Then remove the lock and make repair job.

If you want to mount a new door lock, you can buy a JP GROUP 1187501170 removable lock at the price of 34 USD.


Unfasten 2 (or 3 in some cases) torxes located in the lower part of the door.


Detach the handle (this process is same for the passenger door, just needs sidewise hooking with).


Hook the button box with a flat screwdriver making it drop out of the latch.


Unfasten 2 (or 3 in some cases) screws with a heavy cross head screwdriver.


Hook the door card with a flat screwdriver (I just pulled it out towards me) and drag it out.


Unlatch all the plugs and interior handle (release cable).


Remove the plugs.


Unfasten the screw (loosen it in order to roll up the window).


Roll up the window and fix it with a sticky tape to prevent it from falling down. Push the piece within larger circle inside and tap out the pieces within smaller circles after removing the metal card from the door.


Unfasten the laterally located bolt by means of «Torx 20». Properly remember original bolt location in order to avoid jamming when assembling the door.


Unfasten the bolt and remove the plug.


Remember location of the release cable before removing it.


Unfasten the bolt connecting the lock and door. All that is left to do now is to remove the entire metal covering by means of raising it slightly upwards, since the window lifters that are located in the lower part will not make it possible to pull it towards you. After removing the covering, remove the lock and proceed with its disassembling and repair.


Prepare the lock and tools required for its repairing and replacing of the micro switch (remove the arrowed spring).


Unfasten the screw.


Then unfasten the small one, torx.


Unlatch the latches.


Take away the pull rod and pull the plastic casing to yourself.


Make sure the pieces within circles properly enter into each other when being assembled.

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