Replacement of spark plugs in Nissan Qashqai

Replacement of spark plugs in Nissan Qashqai is included into scheduled maintenance. This means that plugs should be replaced within certain interval. You can do this with your own hands.

When to replace and what plugs should be used in Qashqai

Frequency of replacement of plugs specified in repair manual is different for conventional and platinum plugs. Therefore, manual recommends the replacement conventional plugs every 15,000 km and platinum plugs every 30.000 km of run.

As a rule, conventional plugs should be replaced every 30.000-45.000 km of run and platinum plugs should be replaced every 60.000 km.

Number of original spark plug NGK — PLZKAR6A11.


  • BOSCH 242135524
  • BERU Z325

How to replace spark plugs in Qashqai

The replacement of plugs in Nissan Qashqai 1.6 L requires some efforts since the access to them is complicated. Remove protective cover from engine, unscrew air duct and throttle plate (unscrew 4 bolts with wrench 8), then remove discharge manifold (unscrew 5 bottom bolts and 2 side bolts, for this purpose you will need wrench 10). Then unscrew ignition coil (wrench 10). Only after that, you can replace spark plugs.

It is not hard to determine wear of spark plugs: when there is a dark spot in plug insulator, then it breaks down and the efficiency of spark reduces.

You should need the following tools:

  • Spark plugs;
  • Spark plug spanner 14";
  • Flat screwdriver;
  • Wrenches 8 and 10.

If you open hood, you will see protective cover and collector that prevent access to spark plugs. Therefore, you need to remove them.


For this purpose, loosen clamp and remove fitting.


Remove vacuum hose.


Disconnect socket from throttle.


Unscrew manifold clamps to engine body.


Remove hose from catch and unscrew the clamp.


Now, we have access to the bolt under throttle, which also can be unscrewed.


Unscrew 5 bolts on manifold.


Lift intake manifold and place it on the side.


To avoid fall, fix it with something.


Remove connector from engine coil.


Unscrew coils with wrench 10. Remove spark plugs.


Inspect old plugs and make sure that they require replacement.


Screw new spark plugs into your Nissan Qashqai and reassemble everything in reverse order.

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