Chery Tiggo gearbox oil change (Chery Tiggo/Vortex)

The following things will be required in order to change the oil in Chery Tiggo (Chery Tiggo/Vortex) gearbox: 3 liters of 75W90 oil, 24 and 17 sizes keys, a long hose, an empty bottle (funnel) and a cut off canister — this will takes about 2 hours.

  • Jack the car from the driver side.
  • Remove the wheel (nor strictly required, but it simplifies the process).
  • Put the stand under the front beam to secure yourself.
  • Substitute capacity (cut canister) at the rate of 3 liters of oil.

Buy 3 bottles per liter of 75W90 transmission oil. Learn more about gearbox oil here. The all-wheel drive gearbox contains 3.3 oil liters while the front-wheel drive contains almost a liter less (2.2-2.3 liters, according to the passport, but up to 2.5 liters is really poured). The required volume depends on the discharge method since the less will discharge on the flat floor while the most part will discharge while having slightly raised front part.

Note, there is a risk to get squeezed glands while having a strong overflow (do not unscrew the level plug, but pour it to the top)!

Since the required volume (± 200 ml) will depend on the installed box model, it is better to be guided by the discharged amount in order to avoid damage, since anyway you still have to buy three liters.

What oil should be poured into Chery Tiggo gearbox while replacing?

Original number is absent. The manufacturer recommends using oil with 75W90 viscosity for replacement.


  • Yokki YBA011001P
  • Mobil 75W90
  • Toyota 08885-80606 (pictured)

Replacement periodicity — car owners recommend to make a replacement every 85-100 thousand km.


Buy gear oil 75W90


Remove crankcase protection (if any)


Turn the drain plug while using 24 size key.


Tiggo gearbox drain plug.


Drain the oil from the gearbox.


Unscrew the control plug while using 17 size key.


the fill hole, 17 size key.


Remove the air filter body and unscrew the gear retainer (while using 24 size key) and pour oil through this hole until the moment when oil starts to pour out through the control hole.


Oil pour into Chery Tiggo box.

It’s possible to pour oil through the control hole, but it is rather long and inconvenient.

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