Toyota RAV4 fuses replacement

Toyota RAV4 (3rd generation, 2012) fuses replacement is quite easy task. The current photo report confirms this while helping to easily replace the fuses on your own. Miniature low-profile fuses of the same rating as the blown ones will be required.

Like many other cars, RAV4 has two fuses blocks: the first is located under the hood near of the rechargeable battery, the second is located in the cabin under the panel, just to the right of the hood lift lever. First, remove the fuse box cover under the hood. Forceps for fuses replacement and layout can be found there. Sharp-nosed pliers with insulation will be suitable if there are no forceps.

It’s possible to remove the allegedly blown fuse while using them. Then it is worth examining the fuse to find out if the metal strip is damaged inside. Its damage means it burned out. However, it is still worth replacing fuse with a new one (they are inexpensive), since it already aroused suspicion even if it visually hasn’t been damaged.

Eliminate the reason the old one has blown due before a new fuse installation.
The new fuse must be have the same rating its predecessor had.

All the fuses are replaced the same way in the cabin unit. Learn more about Toyota RAV4 fuses replacement way, the current photo manual will help.


Fuse box body under the hood is located on the right, near of the battery.


Press the catch on the cover.


Remove the block cover. There is the fuses circuit on the reverse side.


Fuses box.


The second block is located in the cabin under the panel, just to the right of the bonnet opening lever.


Circuit fuse in the cabin.


Press the catch in order to remove the cover.


Fuses in the cabin.


Pull out the fuse, armed with sharp-nosed pliers.


Inspect the fuse. The fuse is blown if the strip is damaged.


Insert a new fuse.


Install the fuse box cover under the hood.


Pull the fuse in the cabin.


It is replaced the same way as the fuses under the hood.


Install the cabin fuse box cover in place.

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