Clutch replacement on Renault Megane 2

The description of how to remove the gearbox of Renault Megane 2 is rather rough. However, if you have the repair manual of this car, you can easily understand what to what, as it contains the main points of the transmission removal.

Clutch replacement on Renault Megane 2 becomes essential after 100 thousands operation kilometres, even though it depends on you driving style. This procedure includes replacement of the clutch basket, disk and the hydraulic throw-out bearing.

You must remove the old throw-out bearing as it could case leaking right after you have installed the new clutch
After the replacement do not forget to bleed the system

Apart from the inspection pit, the jack and the set of keys we are going to need some spare parts. You can decide in favour of the following articles:

  1. Original clutch kit (disk and basket) — Renault 77 01 475 246. Analogues: Valeo 826 479, SACHS 3000 951 333, Luk 622 3110 09.
  2. Original throw-out bearing — Renault 30 62 028 64R. Analogues: Luk 510 0088 10, Valeo 804 526, Patron PHCB17.

Remove the accumulator battery, the battery pad, the ECU-unit and the connector with crankshaft position sensor, disconnect switching strings and remove the pad, on which these strings stand, disconnect the reverse gear sensor connector.

It would be better to tie up all wires and junction pipes that stand in the way and get them away from the transmission. Further, we should hang out the radiator.


Remove the radiator crossbar.


Extract semi-axles. To do that it is necessary to partially disassemble the suspension. I chose to remove the shock absorber strut from the steering knuckle as this variant is easier to accomplish, comparing with removing the trunnion ball from the knuckle, which is MUCH HARDER to do without damaging the boot!

  • unscrew the steering rail from the subframe and tie it up to the exhaust pipe;
  • unscrew steering links from the knuckle;
  • unscrew the stabilizer links;
  • compress the stabilizer link spring a little bit;
  • unscrew the subframe and let it hand on a few bolt left (the subframe will not let the transmission to come out anyway);
  • take out the stabilizer link from the steering knuckle (it is very easy to do with the subframe unscrewed). I tied up the knuckle to the link brackets with a wire in order not to “abuse” the trunnion ball.

Place a support block under the engine.


Extract the left semi-axle. Drive the bent end of a crowbar between the transmission and the tripod, and gently knock the crowbar with a hammer.


Extract the right semi-axle. Along with that unscrew the transmission and move it away a bit, making a gap of 10-15 mm. Otherwise the hanger bearing fastening of the right semi-axle will not let you to extract the semi-axle easily. NO NEED TO BATTER!


Remove the transmission support and take out the transmission itself.

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