Audi 80 B3 heater radiator replacement

My Audi 80 has a leak of heater radiator, therefore I had to resolve this issue… But first, I had to remove it. It is rather complicated, therefore I spent the whole day for this.

I used the following tools:

  • pliers;
  • insulating tape;
  • 24 size head, large knob;
  • 8, 10 sizes head, small knob as well as extension to it not less than 10 cm;
  • cross head screwdriver;
  • 8, 10 sizes key.

New heater radiator is required, of course. The original radiator VAG 8D1 819 030 B. Meyle 100 819 0002, AVA AI 6097, Behr-Hella 8FH 351 311-421, Nissens 70224, Termal 110224BA analogs and others.


There is all to dismantle in order to reach the heater radiator. But it’s required to remove the terminal from the battery to preserve the car electrical equipment, first of all.


Then let’s start steering wheel removal. For this, gently, pull each signal panel’s corner making slight efforts.


Then disconnect the wire in the wheel.


Then unscrew and remove the steering wheel itself, having previously marked its position on the shaft while using of a marker.


Then unscrew the two screws in order to remove the steering box top cover.


Now, unscrew the two screws fixing the dashboard. Carefully remove it, while disconnecting two connectors from each side.


Then slightly release the bolt through the oval hole at the steering box bottom cover.


Next, pull the block switches and disconnect two connectors, simultaneously removing the rubber plug located at the ignition lock.


Then we’ll remove the central panel.

Remove the radio, first of all. Carefully remove the stove control knobs. Just pull them towards you for this.

Remove the screws and decorative trim under left and right handle.


Next, unscrew another 4 screws securing the stove control unit to the center console. Just remove 2 screws fastening the ashtray.


Then remove the shelf located at the place intended for driver’s feet. Remove the suction handle (if available) for this, while pushing down the latch with a thin screwdriver from the bottom, while pulling the suction handle towards you.


Then remove the shelf under the driver's legs. All is quite simple – just unscrew all the bolts and remove it.


It is better to remove the glove box, but I did not remove it. Then gently move the plastic cover down under the ashtray and unscrew two bolts on each side.


Next, carefully remove the 2 plugs on each main panel side and unscrew the bolts.


Then unscrew two nuts attached to the center panel’s stove — one nut from the glove compartment side and the second from the driver side.


Disconnect the connector from the driver side.


Then gently pull the panel towards us while lifting it slightly up, simultaneously disconnecting the remaining connectors.


Next, disconnect the six latches on the duct and remove two screws on the lower duct.


Then unscrew the two nuts fixing the heater in the engine compartment. Be sure to disconnect the hoses from the radiator stove.

Further, gently pull the stove toward you in the cabin. Then remove two screws while snapping off two latches, pulling the radiator up.


It’s required to remove the jabot from the hood and unscrew the air intake before pulling out the heater radiator.

Disassembled radiator stove. Assemble in reverse order.

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