Replacement of low beam light bulbs of Renault Megane 2

This photo report shows the replacement of low beam light bulbs for Renault Megane 2. It is rather easy to replace headlamps by your own hands but this process requires certain efforts.

The thing is that construction of the car doesn’t allow direct access to headlamps. For this purpose, you need to remove battery and even in this case it is not easy to reach it. You should use special tool. Replacement of left headlamp is the hardest part while replacement of right headlight is simpler since the access to it is easier. Remove the neck from washer bottle and draw it to the side.

You can avoid the removal of battery by replacing headlamps through hatches located in underwing flaps.

You need two wrenches: box wrench «10» and hexagonal wrench Torx. You may need to use pliers. You should lamps of standard H7 in advance. For instance, you can use Philips H7 12972 PR C1.

The following bulbs are used in headlight for Megane 2:

  • H7 — low beam;
  • H1 — high beam;
  • H11 — fog lamps;
  • W5W — parking lights

General view before beginning of work.


Switch off the ignition and remove battery terminals, using wrench 10.


Fixing plate of the battery is located under battery cover.


Remove plate. For this purpose, use hexagonal wrench with extension.


Plate and necessary tool.


Do not forget to remove gas venting tube.


Remove battery and see ‘place of action’.


Here the place of installation of low beam headlamp. Open cover by turning it anticlockwise up a quarter turn.


It is not good idea to remove headlamp by pulling it terminal box.


Remove the terminal block and pull out the headlamp using this tool. With this tool, clamp terminal of headlamp and pull it out carefully to plastic body. Simultaneously press the spring that fixes headlamp using long screw drive. Then it will jump out.


Insert the new bulb. It is fixed with two springs without the need in turning about the axis.

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