Replacement of Subaru Forester timing belt and pump

Detailed photo report on such an important question for the owners of the car as "how to replace Subaru Forester timing belt and pump?” This procedure should be carried out every 100 thousand km. of run.

The report uses the following parts:

  • Subaru 80673-3030_ Front crankshaft seal 1pc;
  • GMB GT90020_ Timing belt carrier 2 pcs;
  • GMB GT90130_ Timing belt carrier 1 pc;
  • Ina 531 0655 20_ Timing belt tensioning carrier 1 pc;
  • Subaru 13073-AA230_ Timing belt run-around roller 1 pc;
  • Subaru 21116-AA010_ Water pump gasket 1 pc;
  • Subaru 80673-2160_ Camshaft seal 2 pcs;
  • Subaru 80674-2160_ Camshaft seal 2 pcs;
  • Subaru 15010-AA310_ Assembled oil pump 1 pc;
  • GDB STI_ Pump 1 pc;
  • Gates T328RB_ Timing belt 1 pc.
It is also recommended to disassemble/lubricate the tension roller of the air conditioner compressor, as practice shows that it is almost dry after such a run.

Let's start with a review of the purchased parts. Gates Racing Timing Belt.




INA belt tightener. It contains the original part.


Pump gasket.


Timing belt carriers, original part.


Timing belt carriers, GMB.


Shaft seals.


12 mm oil pump.


From the backside.


The whole set of parts.


Let’s start. First, remove the radiator, pour the cooling fluid, unscrew the clip from the bottom, disconnect 2 connectors for the fan from the bottom, unscrew the clip from the pipe from the top. Disconnect the lower pipe and open the cover at the expander. Unscrew the upper radiator holder, when the fluid is pouring. Pull it up.


Then unscrew 2 drive belts. Loose the tension carrier using a wrench, unscrew the tensioner, after which the generator goes down and the belt is released. In the same way, unscrew the air conditioner compressor carrier, then unscrew the tensioner holders, as they interfere. Unscrew the crankshaft pulley. In case of manual transmission, an assistant is required, as one person should put in gear, preferably the 5th one, and holds the brake, the crankshaft does not rotate and the nut is unscrewed as it is supposed to. Then you just need to pull the pulley on.


Unscrew the three timing covers. You need keys/heads of 10 and 12 mm, as there will be a lot of bolts. Further, it is worth clarifying that further actions depend on what you are going to replace in addition to the timing belt and tensioner. If you replace the belt, carriers and tensioner only, you can unscrew the tensioner and all the carriers immediately and remove the belt. Then you can remove the pump and oil pump, if they also need to be replaced.


Let’s consider the option of replacing all the listed parts. First, unscrew 4 large gears. To unscrew two upper gears, you should first unscrew the small caps at the intake camshafts, they are fixed with three bolts of 10 mm. Next, unscrew the gears, a hex key is required to do this. Then the assistant gets into the car, puts in the 5th gear and holds the brake. The shafts are difficult to unscrew, at this moment the entire load falls at the belt. Unscrew 4 gears at once. It will be very difficult to unscrew the gears with the removed belt!


Now let’s continue to the replacement of the seals. Upper seals are pulled out with a screwdriver.


Screw the self-tapping screw into the lower seal and pull it out with pliers.


Insert new seals. Use the head of 36 mm. Then install the gears again.


To replace the pump, remove 3 hose fixed by clips. Take out the thermostat from it and pour the cooling fluid. Unscrew all the bolts of 10 mm and it is easily removed.


Take a new gasket and screw the pump in its proper place. If you need to replace the oil pump, then it is better not to put the pump in its place.


Let’s turn to the replacement of the oil pump.


Unscrew all the bolts of 10 mm from the oil pump. Hook it with the screwdriver, and a glass of oil will pour out. Clean the surface from the old sealant and put a new one. After installation of the oil pump, insert the seal in it.


Screw the pump back and install the thermostat.


Screw all carriers, except the smallest one, and tensioner.


Next install the timing belt. Start from the upper left shaft, the gear will fall into its place with manual efforts.


Then install the lower left gear. Do not forget to check the marks.


Next, put the belt on the crankshaft gear.


Install two right gears with the help of two wrenches and put the belt on them.


Check the marks at each stage thoroughly. Turn over the crankshaft for two times, all the marks on the gears should coincide, while the marks do not coincide with the belt any longer, and they should not!


Screw the smallest carrier.


Pull out the cotter.


Rotate the crankshaft again and pull all the carriers.


Finally, put back all the covers, install the drive belts and radiator.

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