Chevrolet Lacetti (Suzuki Forenza/Reno) timing belt replacement

The photo report discusses the timing belt replacement of for 1.4 and 1.6 liters engines, while using Chevrolet Lacetti F14D3 engine as an example. The procedure is available for all those who occasionally look under the hood in case of careful learning the belt replacement process details.

Replacement requires to have a belt with rollers (bypass + tension), for example SWAG 89 92 3457, Febi 23457, Gates K015419XS, Dayco KTB559, Contitech CT 887 K1.

It is recommended to replace Lacetti belt every 60 thousand kilometers.

The tools required are standard:

  • keys set,
  • heads set,
  • special 41 size wrench in order to tension the belt by turning the pump.
Keep in mind the valve is bent when the belt is broken on this car.

The engine considered is F14D3. Remove the top plastic cover, first of all.


Put the car on a jack, then remove the right front wheel and plastic casing covering the lower engine part.


Use 10 size head to unscrew 3 bolts and remove the upper casing part, closing the timing belt and set the camshaft gears on the marks, as shown in the photo provided.


Then remove the drive belt generator, power steering and air conditioning. Turn the key to the tension roller bolt head clockwise in order to loosen the tension.


Turn off the lower crankshaft pulley, it’s better to make it by a wrench, if possible. Pay attention to the lower timing gear mark position at the top dead center of the first cylinder.


It’s required to remove the right engine support in order to replace the belt. The engine itself is either hung on the traverse or placed on a jack from below in such a case.


Remove the lower timing belt casing part.


The lower casing part is removed.


Remove the engine mount bracket and gain access to the tensioning roller.


Now unscrew the rollers and then remove the timing belt. The coolant is pre-drained, the inner casing part is removed and 3 bolts are fastened securing the pump itself while replacing the pump.


Kit for the timing belt and rollers replacement.


Then install a new belt, while controlling the tags position and tighten the belt by turning the pump the way the protrusion on the movable tensioning roller part coincides with the same «teeth» on the fixed part.


Then turn the crankshaft twice and re-check the marks coincidence in order to check the correct installation.

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