Opel Astra Z18XE timing belt replacement

Z18XE engine timing belt replacement is one of the standard Opel Astra maintenance procedures.

The current photo report includes water pump replacement and SKF VKPC 85624 with plastic impeller use.

The belt should be replaced every 150 thousand. km., according to the manual. But in fact, this period is reduced by 2 times.

The following tools are required:

  • wrenches kit,
  • heads kit,
  • screwdrivers,
  • shaft lock (optional, for more convenience).

Remove the engine protection, the wheel from the side where the crankshaft pulley is located, put jack up the engine, i.e. preparatory procedures are standard. All this can be done on oneself.

What timing belt should be put for Opel Astra Z18XE, while replacing?

Original timing belt repair kit (belt and 3 rollers) for Z18XE — 16 06 306.


  • Contitech CT 975 K3;
  • Gates K015499XS;
  • SKF VKMA 05152.

Check frequency

Replacement regulation is absent; it’s required to change it every 90 thousand km.


Perform all preparatory procedures, first all. Remove the engine protection, the front wheel and jack up the engine.


Remove the air filter.


Unscrew the generator belt tensioner and remove it together with the belt in order to replace the engine belt.


Remove the upper the timing cover part.


Place labels on camshafts, they must both match exactly and look at each other.


Turn the crankshaft pulley clockwise in order to expose them.


Remove the flywheel and timing cover, located under it. The label on the crankshaft pulley must match the label on the casing.


Start the belt removal, previously removing the prop once the labels have been put.


Remove the crankshaft sensor.


Timing belt tensioner removing first attempt may fail since the splines in the bolt can be licked while unscrewing.


Therefore, remove the rollers, first of all, then pull off the belt and unscrew the bolt with a chisel. Then remove the pump, if required.


The pump is kept with three bolts which may be quite easily removed with hexagons.


Be sure to previously prepare 4 liters container, which the antifreeze will be drained at, while replacing the pump. Perform the assembly in the reverse order, the pump can be placed on the high-temperature sealant.


Check if the timing labels match while setting the belt to the initial position. Run the engine a couple of times by hand in order to check the belt tension and labels matching when all the rollers and belts are located at the right places.

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