Replacement of rear brake pads on Volkswagen Passat B6

I forgot that it was a high time to replace rear brake pads on my Passat B6 (the replacement period must be every 60-80 thousands operation kilometres). But yesterday, when braking, the screech reminded me about them, so I went to a shop, purchased the pads and installed them by myself.

In order to do this, I needed:

  1. The set of original rear brake calipers 1K0 698 451 H. Analogues:
    • Аte Ceramic 13.0470-2749.2 (these were purchased for replacement).
    • TRW GDB1622.
    • NiBK PN-0349.
  2. Brake calliper grease;
  3. Wrenches for 13 and 15 (for unscrewing the guides);
  4. A screwdriver;
  5. The laptop and the VAG COM cable (people say you can deal without the cable and connect the accumulator terminals directly to the piston drive. But I did not do that as it is too dangerous!).

In addition, for your guidance, I recommend the illustrated manual on rear brake pads replacement. The picture shows the general concept of the replacements, reasons and symptoms.


These calipers do not leave brake dust that accumulates on wheel discs and creates problems for auto enthusiasts. They are less noisy and less harmful for the atmosphere and, in comparison with their analogues, have extended service life.


I found a box with old brake pads in my garage, so I decided to compare them


Let us use our laptop:

unit 53 -> basic settings 04 -> choose group 007 -> press Submit — the callipers have separated (you can now start the replacement procedure).


Everything is as usual here, we remove the wheel and… Now we have to separate the pads, remove the support (unscrew 2 fastening nuts for 13) and pull out the pads...


After the callipers have been replaced on both sides, we have to put the cylinders together:

unit 53 -> basic settings 04 -> choose group 006 -> press Submit — the callipers have come close to the disc..

Next, we have to carry out the adjustment:

unit 53 -> basic settings 04 -> choose group 010 -> press Submit — the adjustment of the callipers is in progress

That is it. You can drive now.

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