Kia Sportage 4 Maintenance Interval Schedule

Required passing of scheduled maintenance is a guarantee of the normal functioning of all main units of the car. The list of works of scheduled maintenance of Kia Sportage 4 generation includes basic procedures of engine oil and filters replacement. In general, it is possible to allocate four main stages, which are repeated cyclically, but also added works that need to be performed depending on the term of operation of a specific configuration of the car.

According to the regulations, a standard service interval is once a year (after 15000 km). However, if the car is operated in harsh conditions, it is better to reduce it to 10,000 km.

The maintenance card for the Kia Sportage 4 is as follows.

Since its release in 2015 till 2022, the fourth-generation Sportage comes with four gasoline and three diesel engines. The gasoline version is represented by motors: 1.6 GDI (G4FD) 140 hp, 1.6 T-GDI (G4FJ) 177 hp, 2.0 MPI (G4NA) 150 hp and 2.4 GDI (G4KJ, G4KH) 180-200 hp Diesels: 1.7 CRDI (D4FD) 116-141 hp and 2.0 CRDI (D4HA) 185 hp. They can be combined with one of the following transmissions: M6GF2 (manual), 7-speed double-clutch DCT 7 robot (D7GF1), A6MF1 (automatic 6-speed), and diesel 2.0 CRDI has 8-speed automatic A8LF1. At the same time, the car can be 4x2 mono-drive or with 4x4 AWD Dynamax all-wheel drive system.

A list of works will depend on a complete set, what expendables will be necessary at service, and cost of each service maintenance of Kia Sportage 4. In this article, you will find out what is included in the required service of Sportage IV, what spare parts are needed, and what is necessary to check.

Technical Fluid Volume Table for Kia Sportage 4 (liters)
EngineEngine oilCoolantManual gearboxAutomatic transmissionBrake systemDifferential oilOil in transfer case
Gasoline engines
1,6 GDI3,66,9 (Manual gearbox) and 7,1 (Automatic transmission)2,26,70,35 β€” 0,390,650,6
1,6 T-GDI4,57,5 (Manual gearbox) and 7,3 (Automatic transmission)2,26,70,35 β€” 0,390,650,6
2,0 MPI4,07,52,27,3 (2WD) and 7,1 (AWD)0,35 β€” 0,390,650,6
2,4 GDI4,87,1it is not set6,70,4050,650,6
Diesel engines
1,7 CRDI5,37,52,26,70,35 β€” 0,390,650,6
2,0 CRDI7,68,7 (Manual gearbox) and 8,5 (Automatic transmission)2,270,35 β€” 0,390,650,6

Zero Maintenance

Maintenance 0 on Kia Sportage 4 (QL) is optional, but recommended by official dealers after the mileage of 2 thousand kilometers. Most owners go in for the first inspection after 7,500 km.

The main task of the scheduled Maintenance 0 is to check the condition of the engine oil and oil filter. Replacement of lubricant, filter and drain plug gasket is performed only if necessary. It is also mandatory to check the fasteners and the following assemblies:

  • exterior lights;
  • steering system;
  • condition of timing and drive belts;
  • cooling system, air conditioning;
  • level and condition of brake fluid;
  • front and rear suspension;
  • condition of paintwork and decorative elements of the body.

Maintenance schedule 1

The task of scheduled maintenance is to change oil and filters regularly (annually or every 10-15 thousand km). The schedule of the first maintenance includes the replacement of engine oil, oil filter, drain plug gasket, and cabin filter. Some consumables and their articles differ depending on the type and volume of the engine.

Engine Oil Replacement. According to the requirements, all engines of Kia Sportage IV must be filled with oil that meets the tolerances of ACEA A5, ILSAC GF-4, and above, as well as not lower than Β«SNΒ» according to API classification. You can pour both the original and other recommended analogs.

Gasoline engines:

  • For 1.6 GDI, 1.6 T-GDI and 2.0 MPI, oil with viscosity grades 5W-30 and 5W-40 is suitable. The original oil number in the 4 l canister is 0510000441, the original oil in the 1 l canister is 0510000141. The best options of analogues, which correspond to respective approvals: Idemitsu 30011328-746, Castrol 15CA3B, Liqui moly 2853, Mobil 154806.
  • In the engine 2.4 GDI must be filled with oil 0W-30 Kia Mega Turbo Syn under the articles: 0510000471 for 4 liters or 510000171 for 1 liter. Its counterparts are Ravenol 4014835842755, Shell 550046375, MOTUL 102889, Mobil 154315.

Diesel engines:

  • For 1.7 CRDI, Hyundai/Kia Premium DPF Diesel 5W-30 ACEA C2/C3 grease with part numbers 0520000620 for 6L and 0520000120 for 1L will work. Popular counterparts include: ELF 194908, Shell 550046363.
  • The 2.0 CRDI requires 5W-30 oil with API CH-4. Its original Hyundai/Kia Premium LS Diesel can be purchased by article numbers: 0520000411 for 4L and 0520000111 for 1L.

Oil Filter Replacement. All gasoline engines have the original filter β€” 2630035504. It can be replaced with this or other analogs. The most popular are Mahle/Knecht OC 500, MANN W81180, MASUMA MFC-1318. For the diesel engine a different oil filter is required, and on 1.7 CRDI it is installed under part number 263202A500. Quality counterparts: MANN-FILTER HU 7001 X, Mahle/Knecht OX 351D, Bosch F 026 407 147. On Diesel 2.0 CRDI it is oil filter 263202F100. MANN-FILTER HU 7027 Z, PURFLUX L473.

After draining the oil, the engine sump drain bolt and the drain plug washer should also be replaced. The bolt has catalog number 2151223000, and is suitable for all gasoline and diesel versions. If the service does not have the original bolt, you can take MASUMA M-52 or KROSS KM88-07457 as a replacement. The drain plug washer is 2151323001. Replacement can be PARTS MALL P1Z-A052M or FEBI 32456.

Cabin filter replacement. The Kia Sportage 4 is factory-installed with a regular cabin filter with part number 97133F2100. It has several good analogues at an affordable price: MAHLE LA 152/6, MANN CU 24024, AMD.FC799. But in warm seasons it is better to use carbon analogs: LYNX LAC-1907C, JS ASAKASHI AC9413C or anti-allergic (in springtime during high concentration of pollen in the air): JS ASAKASHI AC9413B, SAKURA CAB-28261.

In addition to replacing consumables, the service maintenance list for the Kia Sportage 4 includes diagnosis and inspection of the following assemblies:

  • pulleys and drive belts;
  • radiator, sleeves and connections of the cooling system;
  • antifreeze condition;
  • air filter;
  • fuel system;
  • crankcase ventilation system (hoses);
  • vacuum system hoses and pipes;
  • exhaust system;
  • engine control electronics;
  • disc brakes, as well as pipes and connections of brake system;
  • level and condition of brake fluid;
  • Fluid in the clutch actuator (applicable to versions with manual transmission);
  • steering parts;
  • condition of hub bearings and driveshafts;
  • front and rear suspension;
  • performance of cardan shaft, crosses;
  • condition of anti-corrosion coating of the body;
  • air conditioning system;
  • tire pressure and tread wear;
  • battery charging, terminal condition, electrolyte density;
  • lights (exterior and interior).

After all replacement and diagnostic work, the service interval must be reset.

Maintenance work schedule 2

The scheduled maintenance service 2 is carried out at the mileage of 30 thousand km. or after 2 years of operation. Second maintenance service of Kia Sportage 4 includes all the list of works of Service 1, and also change of a brake fluid and clutch drive fluid (for a complete set with a gearbox), and if a car is a diesel, it is necessary to change a fuel filter.

Change of brake fluid. To replace the fluid you need original DOT-4 under part number 0110000110 (1 liter) or its analogous to FMVSS 116. Good choices are CASTROL 157D5A, SHELL 5011987212008, MOBIL 150906, Motul 102718.

Replacement of the fuel filter on the diesel. For 1.7 CRDI modifications a fuel filter is installed β€” 319221K800. As an analogue it is MAHLE KC 605D, MANN WK 8060 Z. The diesel 2.0 CRDI requires a filter with part number 31922D3900. Among the analogs you can most often buy: MANN-FILTER WK 8019, Sakura FC28011, Parts-Mall PCA-049.

The list of works and consumables for Maintenance 3

Every 45,000 km or after 3 years from the start of the operation, a procedure called Maintenance Service 3 shall be performed. The list of works includes replacement of consumables of the basic scheduled maintenance 1 and checks. The same procedures are repeated at the mileage of 135 thousand km or after 9 years.

Air filter replacement. For all gasoline engines an air filter with part number 28113D3300 is used. Of the analogs, it can be replaced by: MANN C 28 035, MAHLE LX 4492, MASUMA MFA-K371. Diesel engines are equipped with an air filter β€” 28113D3100. Quality and cheaper analogs are MANN C 28 040, MAHLE LX 3677 and FILTRON AP 197/3.

The list of works and set of consumables for Maintenance Service 4

Every 60000 km of run or after 4 years on Sportage QL Service 4 is fulfilled. Basically, the list of works repeats maintenance 2, but in addition to that the fuel filter (on gasoline and diesel), as well as the air filter of the fuel tank absorber (only on gasoline versions) is changed.

Replacing the fuel filter. This is the first replacement for the gasoline version and the second for the diesel version. On the Kia Sportage 4 gasoline is recommended to install the original fuel filter β€” 311121W000. Significantly cheaper, but also of lower quality will be the filters: Masuma MFF-K327, LYNX LF-816M. Also at this mileage it is necessary to install a new Β«meshΒ» coarse filter β€” 31090D7000.

Replacement of the fuel tank air absorber filter. All modifications equipped with a gasoline engine use an absorber β€” 31184D7000.

List of maintenance service 5

According to the service regulations KIA Sportage 4 maintenance service 5 is made every 75000 km. or after 5 years from the date of operation. In the list of works are the procedures of Service 1, and on the engine 1.6 (G4FJ) it will be necessary to change spark plugs.

Replacement of spark plugs (1.6 T-GDI). The original spark plugs for the Sportage 4 1.6 gasoline have a catalog number β€” 1884610060 (4 pieces are required). As analogs are the following options: NGK 93815, Denso VXUH20I, Bosch 0 242 129 524.

The list of works and spare parts for Service 6

Schedule maintenance 6 on the KIA Sportage QL is performed β€” every 90,000 km or after 6 years of operation. The list includes all planned works which are done on Maintenance-2 and Service-3. If the car has an automatic transmission, it will also be necessary to change the transmission fluid, plugs (sump and control hole), as well as their sealing rings.

Changing the oil in the automatic transmission and consumables. For automatic transmissions it is recommended from the factory to fill original ATF SP-IV Hyundai/Kia 450000115. As analogs can act as fluids that have all the necessary tolerances of the manufacturer, for example: Zic 162646 and Castrol 156 CAB.

Consumables changed are:

  • sump plug β€” 4532439000;
  • plug o-ring β€” 4532339000;
  • test port plug β€” 452863B010;
  • O-ring for oil level plug β€” 452853B010.

What to change at Maintenance Service 7

Every 105,000 km or after 7 years, maintenance of the Sportage 4 requires a Service 7 service. The list includes the required procedures for Maintenance-1, and in the four-wheel drive car additionally change the oil in the transfer case and rear differential.

Oil change in the transfer case. The transfer case requires 75W-90 Hypoid Gear OIL API GL-5. This original is Hyundai Xteer Gear Oil-5 75W-90 GL-5 β€” 1011439. Shell Spirax 550027983 can be used as an analog.

Changing the oil in the rear differential. KIA Sportage QL manual recommends pouring into the differential the same as in the transfer case β€” Hypoid Gear OIL or Hyundai Xteer Gear Oil-5 75W-90. If you use an analogue, it must comply with the established tolerance.

Service 8 at 120,000 km mileage

The service interval 8 comes after 8 years of operation or 120 thousand kilometers mileage. It includes all the procedures listed under Service 4, as well as replacement of antifreeze.

Coolant fluid replacement. For Kia Sportage 4 European assembly with all engine types antifreeze under the 0710000400 is used. Ravenol 4014835755819, Miles AFGR001 or Coolstream CS010501 can also be used instead of the original antifreeze.

List of procedures for Maintenace 10

At 150000 km run (10 years from the beginning of operation), maintenance service 10 is regulated. It is the last in the maintenance card Sportage 4, then you can wait for either a complete overhaul or a list of works provided cyclically set frequency. According to the official schedule, the tenth scheduled maintenance repeats Service 2, as well as changing of spark plugs on all gasoline engines.

Spark plugs replacement. The 1.6 GDI and 1.6 T-GDI engines use the same spark plugs β€” 1884610060 (4 pieces each). Instead of them you can choose one of several reliable options: NGK 93815, Denso VXUH20I, Bosch 0 242 129 524. The 2.0 MPI engine is equipped with 1884611070 spark plugs. NGK SILZKR7B11, Bosch 0 242 135 548 and Denso IXUH22FTT can also be considered as replacements. On the 2.4 GDI modification, it is recommended to use the original plugs β€” 1884911070. The Denso IXUH22FTT is often ordered instead.

Replacement based on the useful life of car

Some of the procedures that are also performed during scheduled maintenance do not have an explicit periodicity, they are performed based on the results of the inspection, which will show the wear of the part. These include:

  1. replacement of the drive belt;
  2. replacement of the pump;
  3. replacement of glow plugs;
  4. replacement of brake pads and discs;
  5. timing chain replacement;
  6. replacement of oil in the transmission and robot gearbox.

The timing belt is replaced if necessary. Which one you should put will depend on the engine. Sportage 4 1.6 are equipped with a belt β€” 252122B740. Gates 6PK1263, ContiTech 6PK1264, Trialli 6PK-1264, Masuma 6PK-1255. The 2.0 MPI engine is equipped with a poly-V belt β€” 252122E300. Substitutes: Gates 6PK1780, Skf VKMV 6PK1778 and DONGIL 6PK1780. For the 2.4 GDI engine two belts are used, one powering the pump, its part number 25212-2GGA1, and the second all other units (alternator, hydraulic, air conditioning compressor) β€” 252122GGB0 (Gates analogue 3PK796SF).

On the diesel engine 1.7 is used belt 252122A610. Instead of the original, also choose: GATES 5PK1810, DAYCO 5PK1810S and MILES 5PK1815. The 2.0 CRDI mounted belt is 252122F310. Its analogs: BOSCH 1 987 946 016, CONTITECH 6PK2415, SKF VKMV 6PK2411.

The pump, the coolant pump, also has different part numbers depending on the engine.

  • 1,6 β€” 251002B700. Analog: Gates WP0170, Ina 538066710.
  • 2,0 MPI β€” 251002E020. Analog: Skf VKPC 95905, Miles AN21285.
  • 2,4 GDI β€” 251002GTC0. Analog: FENOX HB5604.
  • 1,7 CRDI β€” 251002A300. Analog: GMB GWHY-61A, SKF VKPC 95886.
  • 2.0 CRDI β€” 251002F700. Analogue: MANDO EWPK0011, AISIN wpy-040, INA/LUK 538 0670 10.

Glow plugs (used in diesel engines). For 1.7 are used glow plugs β€” 367102A900. The most common choices of substitutes: DENSO DG-657, Mando MMI040003. In 2.0 CRDI engine installed β€” 367102F300. Their analogs are PATRON PGP068 and Mando MMI040004.

Transmission oil in the transmission and 7DCT on the Sportage 4 is recommended to change at the mileage of 120 thousand km. MTF & DCTF 70W, API GL-4 is used. The original product number is 04300KX1B0.

Timing chain. On the Sportage 4 a timing chain is installed. The manufacturer designed its resource for the life of the engine (to change during overhaul), but to extend the lifetime, it’s recommended to change the timing chain on Service 6 or at 100 thousand km. The type of chain, as well as additional consumables for its installation, will depend on the modification of the engine.

EngineTiming chain replacement kit
ChainAdditional parts
1,6 GDI and 1,6 T-GDI243212B620D.I.D. SCH0412SV158;
ROADRUNNER RR-24321-2B620;
kits: Bga TC2701K;
Guidechain β€” 244312B620;
Tensioner arm β€” 244202B611;
Timing chain tensioner β€” 244102B700;
valve cover gasket β€” 224412B610.
2,0 MPI243212E010AMD AMD.CS246;
Ina 553024110;
Guidechain β€” 244302E000;
Tensioner arm β€” 244202E000;
Timing chain tensioner β€” 244102E000;
front crankshaft oil seal β€” 214212E300;
Timing Chain Gasket Case β€” 213412A600.
2,4 GDI243212G111SKR ENGINE CHT100314KR;
Guidechain β€” 244312G101;
Tensioner arm β€” 244202C101;
Timing chain tensioner β€” 244102G810;
oil pump chain β€” 243222GGA0;
right oil pump guidechain β€” 244712GGA1;
left oil pump guidechain β€” 244612GGA0;
oil pump chain tensioner β€” 244702G803;
Engine Crankshaft Crank Seal β€” 214212G100.
1,7 CRDI243512A600kit: BGA TC2714FKGuidechain β€” 243772A000;
Tensioner arm β€” 243862A000;
Timing chain tensioner β€” 244102A000;
High-pressure fuel pump drive chain β€” 243612A600;
High-pressure fuel pump drive chain tensioner arm β€” 243762A000;
High-pressure fuel pump drive chain tensioner β€” 243702A000;
front engine cover gasket β€” 213412A600.
2,0 CRDI243612F000ROADRUNNER RR243612F000;
Ina 553 0280 10;
kit: Bga TC2704FK.
Guidechain β€” 243872F000;
Tensioner arm β€” 243862F000;
Timing chain tensioner β€” 245102F000;
tensioner return spring β€” 243712F000;
oil pump chain β€” 243512F000;
oil pump guidechain β€” 243772F600;
oil pump chain tensioner arm β€” 243762F000;
oil pump chain tensioner β€” 244102F001;
Engine Crankshaft Crank Seal β€” 213552F000;
Engine front cover plug seal β€” 213612F000.

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