Changing the coolant Kia Sportage 2017–2022 (QL)

According to the maintenance service intervals, first coolant replacement in Sportage 4 with all types of engines is set at 120,000 miles (200,000 km) or 10 years: after that, replace every 30,000 miles (50,000 km) or 24 months. Below the instruction shows the coolant replacement on the example of Kia Sportage 4 2.0 MPI, but with other engines the procedure is the same.

What coolant to fill in Kia Sportage 4

Regardless of the engine in the cooling system Sportage QL must use the original antifreeze under the reference number — 0710000400.

Of the substitutes, pay attention to the coolants:

  • Ravenol 4014835755819;
  • Miles AFGR001;
  • Coolstream CS01050.

How much coolant you need for your Sportage 4

The table below shows the amount of antifreeze in the cooling system for the engines installed in the fourth-generation Sportage.

EngineFluid volume
1.6 GDI 7.3 L. (1.92 U.S. gal., 7.71 U.S.qt., 6.43 lmp.qt.)7.5 L. (1.98 U.S. gal., 7.92 U.S.qt., 6.59 lmp.qt.)
1.6 T-GDI 7.3 L. (1.92 U.S. gal., 7.71 U.S.qt., 6.43 lmp.qt.)
2.0 MPI6.9 L. (1.82, 7.29 U.S.qt., 6.07 lmp.qt.)7.1 L. (1.87, 7.50 U.S.qt., 6.24 lmp.qt.)
2.4 GDI7.1 L. (1.87, 7.50 U.S.qt., 6.24 lmp.qt.)
1.7 TCI7.5 L. (1.98 U.S. gal., 7.92 U.S.qt., 6.59 lmp.qt.)
2.0 TCI 8.5 L. (2.24, 8.98 U.S.qt., 7.47 lmp.qt.)8.7 L. (2.29, 9.19 U.S.qt., 7.65 lmp.qt.)

Change antifreeze on Kia Sportage 4 with your own hands


Place the car on a pit or an elevator. While the engine is cooling, remove the plastic engine guard by unscrewing all the perimeter bolts. The bolts are a ten point wrench.


Unscrew the cap of the expansion tank, this is necessary so that no vacuum is created in the system.


Place a collecting vessel and unscrew the drain cock from the radiator by hand. The location of the tap is marked in the photo below.


Screw in the drain cock. Then insert a funnel into the expansion tank and add distilled water or ready-made antifreeze to the system by the volume you drained from the radiator.

Note, pour the water in slowly and push on the radiator spigots for more effective air release!

Start the engine and allow it to warm up to operating temperature. Then add the crankshaft speed up to two thousand to turn on the cooling fan. Do this 2-3 times and shut off the engine.

Keep in mind that in this case the manufacturer recommends not just to drain the old antifreeze and add new, but also to flush the system with distilled water.

Therefore wait until the engine cools down a bit and drain the system as described above. Repeat this procedure until the drained water is clean. Then slowly pour the prepared liquid into the expansion tank.

Note, all the fluid is not drained and there is distilled water in the system. Note the antifreeze concentration should be 55 percent. At these values will be the best cooling and corrosion protection.

Start the engine and add fluid to the level as needed as the engine warms up. Then wait for the cooling fan to turn on 3 to 5 times and turn off the engine.

After the fluid cools down, top up to the MAX level and warm the engine up again to turn on the fan. In general you need to get the fluid level in the system to stop dropping. The easiest way to check this is by the volume of the drained fluid.

Within 2-3 days of operation, check the level and adjust if necessary.
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