Fuel filter replacement at Hyundai Creta

In accordance with the instruction manual, the fuel filter at Hyundai Creta should be replaced every 37 thousand miles. It can be done by service station specialists, but it is easy to do it by your own efforts. Illustrative instruction will help you to cope with this task quickly.

The manufacturer recommends to replace the filter together with the fuel module, it also includes another fuel pump, pressure control valve, petrol level sensor in the tank and coarse mesh filter.

How to replace the fuel filter at Creta by your own efforts

Replacement procedure:

  1. Relieve pressure in the line.
  2. Remove the rear seat, unscrew the fasteners of the protective cover.
  3. Remove the power connectors, as well as the supply and return pipes.
  4. Remove the clamping plate from the module cover and remove the module itself.
  5. Install a new module or disassemble it to change its specific element.

If you do not take the necessary actions in due time and continue to use a car with the clogged filter:

  1. The pump pressure will increase.
  2. The engine will start badly.
  3. There will be jerks during acceleration.
  4. Fuel consumption will increase.

Fuel filter replacement at a Hyundai Creta car is almost the same as a similar procedure for its fellow Solaris. Unscrew the fuel cap to depressurize in it.


The fuel filter is located under the rear seat, remove the seat.


To soften the sealant, it is necessary to heat it with a hairdryer, otherwise you can damage it. Then take the plastic cover and remove it.


The fuel pump with the filter is fixed by the metal plate and nut, it can be removed not only with a special puller, but by your own efforts.


Next, press the locks and separate the connectors.


Press the latch mechanism and disconnect the pump shoe.


Then remove the fuel module from the fuel tank opening. Separate the wiring connector of the electric pump and the wiring connector of the fuel sensor.


Disconnect the anchor grip 1, then remove the head assembly 2.


Release the latch mechanisms and remove the carrier. Remove the module carefully so as not to bend the float of the petrol level sensor.


Separate the connector of the pump electromotor 2 and the ground cable 1.


Remove the cover and the fuel pressure control valve.


Separate the hook and remove the coarse mesh filter.


Remove the pump electromotor. Then separate the latch mechanism and remove the auxiliary pump assembly.


Then install a new fuel filter and assemble everything in reverse order.

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