Oil change in Nissan Qashqai variator

Photo report on Nissan Qashqai variator oil change will help to cope with this procedure by yourself.

Oil replacement in Qashqai 2.0 variator should be carried out every 60 thousand kilometers, according to maintenance rules. Such regulations were extended to 90 thousand kilometers in restyled models (Qashqai 1.6 CVT). Note the variator does not require usual ATF like a machine’s one, but NISSAN CVT Fluid NS-2 or NS-3 (KLE5300004) fluids are required if there is a RE0F10E, JF016E/JF017E (CVT8/TH) gearbox. Complete replacement will require two 4-liter cans, although the gearbox will contain 7.5 liters and even less if you would not remove the tubes from the radiator to drain oil from there. But proper replacement process requires hydraulic unit (if transmission is twitching), magnets and oilpan flushing.

Oil changing procedure is simple and can be performed by yourself, as you can see on the slides. But it is rather hard to follow all the recommendations. Nissan Qashqai variator fluid replacement implies the oilpan and oil cooler removal, magnets cleaning, iron filter washing while each third replacement implies paper (fine cleaning in the heat exchanger) and iron filter (strainer coarse cleaning) replacement and resetting the fluid operational characteristics reduction level recorded in variator’s ECU (oil pressure depends on it).

Oil in the variator must be changed at warm engine and gearbox. Don't forget to replace the sealing washer bolt of drain hole and replace the oil filter.

Nissan Qashqai variator fluid change procedure requires the following tools and materials:

  • 10 and 19 size socket wrench (to unscrew the drain plug);
  • flat screwdriver;
  • capacity to drain the oil;
  • cleaner;
  • clean rags.

Its required to have the following things available:

  • fresh liquid (original code KLE5200004);
  • pallet gasket orig. no. 31397-1XF0C or MITSUBISHI 2705A015;
  • sealing washer (No. NISSAN 11026-01M02);
  • a new paper filter cassette for the heat exchanger (original NISSAN 317261XF00 or MITSUBISHI 2824A006), and if the variator filter (coarse filter) is heavily clogged, it will also be required, its original number is NISSAN 317281XZ0D or MITSUBISHI 2824A007;
  • oil cooler gasket into the funnel.

It is recommended to reset the oil aging counter by the scanner once Qashqai variator’s oil change procedure is completed.

In case of self- replacement, no matter how much oil is inside 8-9 l (front-wheel drive), just 2/3 may be drained, therefore third of the old oil is mixed with the new one, which naturally reduces its further life time. That’s why it is recommended to replace the oil in the variator with Nissan Qashqai more often than it’s specified in the rules.


Oil variator NISSAN CVT Fluid NS-2 with KLE52-00004 original code is required to replace the oil in the CVT. It will be required to buy 2 canisters of 4 liters each.


It is recommended to buy both new NISSAN GASKET OIL-PAN variator oil-pan gasket with 31397-1XF0C original number and a couple of small things since variator oil replacement requires both oilpan removal and magnets cleaning as well as filter replacement ...


Oil filter sealing ring in cooler


Qashqai variator drain plug gasket and oil cooler filter.


It’s required to remove the crankcase/gearbox protection according to the manufacturer's manual or remove the factory shield back part before changing the oil in the variator. Dismantle should be performed on a pit, overpass or lift.


This requires to remove 2 bolts on 10 sides fastenings to the front of the subframe as well as remove 4 pistons from the side parts and 1 piston from the front of the subframe.

It’s required to pick up the center piston part and pull it down to 8 mm in order to remove the pistons. Then the piston can be easily removed from the hole.


It’s convenient to start removing the bolts with the head, since they are recessed inside the shield. Besides it can be done by usual spanner.


Oil replacement procedure can be started once the access to the engine compartment is opened.


Oil replacement should be done when both engine and gearbox are warm. Be sure to remove CVT probe and check the level before draining the oil.


Use a slotted screwdriver to press the locking tab and pull the probe up in order to remove the probe from the seat on the tube.


The oil level will be higher than the dipstick gauge while striving to reach the inscription >HOT< on a heated gearbox.


Then you should install a container for old oil draining under CVT drain plug located at the gearbox oil pan.


Qashqai variator oilpan’ drain plug is unscrewed with a 19 size key. It’s recommended to tighten it with a torque wrench with a force of 35 Nm while twisting it back. A new bolt (No. 3137731X06) may be required since there is a copper sealing washer under it as well as the tender carving which can be broken.


Be sure to replace old and new washers intended for the drain bolt each time while changing fluid.


Keep in mind to learn the oil amount drained out of the transmission in order to make it easier navigating while having it full. Oil draining time may take up to 20-25 minutes.


Start to unscrew the oil-pan once the oil stopped draining from the hole. Then unscrew all 18 bolts with 10 size head. Be careful while removing since there is oil still (due to the construction design), therefore it is better to unscrew a bit and leave several bolts on one side to avoid fluid flow.


This is the way Qashqai variator looks with the oil sump removed. The picture opens with a hydraulic unit and the coarse filter which must be cleaned of shavings. It is better to replace the variator, if it is very dirty, since variator is scared of shavings. Therefore, we’ll continue to remove the screen filter ...


The filter may be unscrewed with 10 size head.


The current slide shows all the dirty and chips which did not sink to the grid and did not get into the hydraulic unit solenoids.


Oilpan has 2 magnets. All raids on the magnet must be removed and the oil sump wiped should be cleaned with a lint-free rag to avoid garbage getting into the variator. It is important!


Here is the way magnets look before cleaning of shavings.


And here is after cleaning ...


Then carefully clean the oilpan.


Don’t lose this sealing ring while reinstalling the old or new coarse filter since people tend to forget about it which results in the letting dirt through. Next, screw the oil-pan to get to the fine filter ....


Getting the filter out of the heat exchanger is rather complicated task, therefore you’ll need to dismantle the duct, the battery, unscrew and put aside the «brains».


The platform which will interfere is hardly to be dismantled, but it’s not required, therefore it’s possible to reach it with the hand. The one thing able to be removed is the wheel and bend the liner then turning it from the bottom, but I’ sure this won’t happen.


Don’t confuse the hoses while taking them off… otherwise there is a risk to drain antifreeze instead of varic fluid.


Turn off the oil cooler in order to get the fine filter. There are four turnkey 10 size bolts.


Now we can take out the filter (here is demonstrated cooler Mitsubishi cooler, since I didn’t have an opportunity to take my own picture). Be sure to replace the sealing rubber ring, as well as to ensure a rubber band located at the filter barrel since it often stays inside and the owners are surprised with the fact the new filter doesn’t fit.


Then we take out the old one and replace it to a new Qashqai variator’s fine filter.


Here is the old fine filter.


It is recommended to drain old CVT fluid from the cooling radiator located below, in front of the main engine cooling system radiator in order to maximize the old CVT fluid.


So, remove the tube from the radiator and than drain some liquid, in some cases the radiator can be washed.


It remains to fill in the new oil in the CVT, but this required to know the oil amount drained – approximately it varies from 7 to 7.5 liters, all will depend on draining quality. Then it’s required to check its level on the probe after filling. There are some important features.

The procedure is almost completed!


Insert the probe to check the level (turning it to the side in order to avoid it's catching on the latch). The level may be slightly above the «HOT» mark immediately after filling.

The level should be checked at idle.

If moving the handle across the gears (delaying each position for 10 seconds), it will go down to «COLD» (it is better to keep the level not lower than the upper mark). But it’s required to warm up the engine before the control measurement (note that the gearbox warms up more slowly) since the level should be measured with the engine a heated. Check is carried out within 70-80 degrees. The oil level will rise parallel to oil warming up and it should be closer to the upper “HOT” interval mark while having a fully heated variator. If you see another situation — just fill it up to the mark required. But DON’T overfill it!


It’s required to reset the fluid aging counter to ensure proper oil pressure pump operation! Since its performance is set by the electronic control unit and the old oil is subject to replace. Therefore, you will have visit a service station if you do not have your own NISSAN CONSULT III scanner or Launch X431 Diagun.

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