Chevrolet Captiva (Daewoo Winstorm, Holden Captiva) timing belt replacement

Chevrolet Captiva (Daewoo Winstorm, Holden Captiva) timing belt replacement should be carried out every 90-100 thousand km according to the maintenance regulations. Coolant drips are the first signs, confirming the current disease. It’s possible to add a whistle with a cold engine to the diagnosis while all the above mentioned will indicate the timing belt or its components replacement necessity.

The following tools are required in order to replace the belt yourself:

  • standard keys set;
  • jack;
  • General Motors 92065902 original timing belt or Contitech CT 924, Dayco 94824, Bosch 1 987 948 788, Gates 5461 XS analogs;
  • General Motors 90528603 original tension roller or Ina 531 0626 30, Quattro freni QF00100129, Febest 1087-C100, Gates T43106 analogs;
  • General Motors 09128738 original bypass roller (2 pcs.) or GMB GT90540, Amd AMD.GT90540, Ina 532 0039 10, SKF VKM 25212 analogs.

Chevrolet Captiva timing belt + rollers


Disconnect the right wheel, then the lower mudguard, remove the protection as well as the side (right) mudguard


Then cling closer to the engine crankcase while using supporting paw


Switch off the sensor and remove the air filter case assembly with rubber bellows. Remove the engine cover


Rotate the tensioning roller up to reaching the position the tensioner body holes to be aligned, fix with a steel pin and then remove the belt


Now unscrew the right engine mount bolts


Unscrew hexagons and remove pulley


Now disconnect the wire, remove the pulley cover brackets, the engine mount bracket cover as well as lower casing. Then remove the covers.


Put shafts by the marks.


The current crankshaft mark


Now loosen the tensioning pulley and remove the timing belt.


Then install the belt and correctly stretch. The tensioner scale arrow should have the same position which is shown in the photo

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