Volkswagen Passat B5 alternator belt tensioner replacement

This is the way to replace the alternator belt tensioner in Volkswagen with a 1.9 TDI AFN engine without the front removing.

The generator belt tensioner provides a tight fit of the belt, which transmits torque to the generator and ensures the vehicle electrical appliances operation and the battery charging. The generator cannot fully fulfill its role if the tensioning mechanism has failed.

The current review’s author tells about the way he replaced VW Passat B5 alternator belt tensioner. However, he did not take off the «car front» and performed all the operations directly through the hood. The operation doesn’t require any special tools and skills. It will be required to remove the belt, dismantle the old idle tensioner and fasten the new one.

Besides I recommend you to read the generator malfunction article. The article discusses the general diagnosis principles as well as breakdowns causes. There is provided a graphic illustration at the end of the article.

What is the alternator belt tensioner to install in Volkswagen Passat B5?

Original tensioner number in the kit together with roller 028903315M.


  • JP GROUP 1118200500.
  • INA 534018510.
  • SNR GA357.15.
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