Oil change on Nissan X Trail

Oil change on X-Trail is the procedure that doesn’t require special accessories and skills. The oil may be changed even by the laziest car owner. The only condition is availability of pit but you can avoid its use. In this case, you should only lift up car front to reach bleed screw. Oil filter remover will make this procedure much simpler since it is almost impossible to unscrew the filter manually.

What tools are needed for changing of oil on X-Trail?

So, the following tools are needed to replace oil in engine and oil filter of Nissan X Trail:

  • Wrench for unscrewing bleed screw;
  • Oil filter remover;
  • Oil, filter and copper ring for bleed screw.
You also need empty container for used oil. In case of strict observance of all requirements, torque wrench also would be helpful since manufacturer recommends tightening bleed screw and oil filter by applying respective force.

Photo-instructions show basic procedures for oil change in Nissan X-Trail with your own hands.

Upon selection of oil and filter, manufacturer recommends to use only original consumables, i.e.: oil (NISSAN 5W40, code KE900-90042), oil filter (NISSAN 15208-65F0A),sealing washer of bolt (11026-01M02). 5 L oil container costs approximately USD 33. The approximate price of oil filter is USD 4 and the price of washer is USD 20-30.

What oil volume is required for Nissan X-Trail?

To fill the oil into engine, you should know exact volume. For example, if your car is equipped with engine MR20DE, necessary oil volume for Nissan X-Trail will be 4.4 liter. Use 3.9 liters for QR20DE and 5.1 liters for QR25DE (however, it is not completely drained and you would need to fill only 4.6). If you have Nissan X-Trail T30 with engine YD22DDTi, you will require 5.2 liters of respective oil.


Buy necessary volume of oil for Nissan X-Trail.


Location place for drain hole and oil filter differs a little depending on engine. Torques of threaded joints also differs.


First, heat up engine, place the car on the pit, remove engine guards (if any) and find bleed screw. Unscrew bolt and place container for oil.


Once the oil is drained (this process will take 10-15 minutes), you would be able to unscrew bleed screw.


Regardless of installed engine (2.0 L or 2.5 L), it would be uneasy to reach oil filter. 2 L filter should be screwed under the car and 2.5 L filter should be screwed from the hood.


In this instance, we will replace oil in Nissan X-Trail 2.0. Therefore, to reach filter, it is necessary to remove plastic protective cover behind the wheel and reach the filter with hand. Upon unscrewing, oil will spill a bit and therefore you should place basin under the filter.


Take new filter and washer of bleed screw (it is disposable and should be changed upon every replacement). Grease rubber ring with fresh oil before screw in filter.


Replace sealed washer on bleed screw.


Screw in bolt and oil filter (using recommended torque).


Fill fresh oil in necessary volume.


Check the level with probe within 5 minutes after oil filling and once again after engine heating.

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