P0011: error of the camshaft position (synchronization or performance of the system)

Error p0011 means a violation of the camshaft position, that is, in fact, asynchronization of camshafts. The P0011 code (Camshaft Position — Timing Over-Advanced or System Performance (Bank 1)) detected during the scan diagnostics indicates a problem with the CVVT system (system of variable valve timing), in this case, it is the camshaft operation with excessive lead and often it is associated with the valve VVT-i.

Car operation

P0011: error of the camshaft position

As a rule, with the occurrence of this error code car operation does not change much, because the problem is not directly related to the work of camshafts, but only the VVT system, which provides the most optimal engine performance.

Engine running may not be sufficiently stable under the load at high speed. The CVVT system makes it possible to increase the engine power, improve fuel efficiency and reduce the content of harmful substances in the exhaust gas.

Error reporting conditions

Error code p0011 is set and recorded in the ECU memory if there are delays between the calculated and actual angle more than 10 times in a row. If the diagnostic code is reported, the check engine lamp lights up on the dashboard.

P0011 is detected when a car moves in urban setting (when there is a periodic acceleration and decreasing of speed) for about 20 minutes after warming up.

Causes of the P0011 error

Thus, if, as a result of computerized diagnostics or self-diagnostics, the p0011 error is detected, the possible causes that are similar to those that cause the P0016 error are as follows:

Faults and defects of the VVT-i valve
  1. The electrical wiring or contacts in the valve connector of the variable valve timing system are damaged.
  2. Failure of the oil flow into the VCT piston chamber (oil contamination/oil path clogging).
  3. Failure of the phase regulator (VVT-i valve) as a result of contamination or when replacing the chain (rather common case). In those cases when the filter of the hydraulic phase valve is installed separately, but not built into the sensor, it is worth to check its clogging degree.
  4. There is a problem with the camshaft gear wheel (shaft gear).
  5. Failure of the CVVT system (very rare case).

How to prevent the error

Having made a list of the most frequent and main causes of the P0011 error occurrence, let’s move to the possible ways to solve it.

First of all, check the integrity of the sensor and its wires, as well as the absence of oxides on the connector pins.

Secondly, determine the status of the removed phase sensor visually. Perhaps as a result of the low-quality oil use or its rare replacement, the piston valve is very contaminated with soot (you can try to rinse it with a car cleaner).

Thirdly, it is necessary to check the VVT valve for operational capability. There are several ways to check it, you can see them here. In case of failure, replace the valve with a new one.

The use of poor-quality oil or its late replacement lead to the valve failure.

After checking, the variable valve timing valve indicates its operational capability or vice versa, and it is worth inspecting the camshaft teeth (perhaps there is a defect).

Having performed the check, you will certainly manage to determine the real cause for registering the code P0011, no matter if it is a car like Peugeot, Opel, Nissan or any other brand. After the cause of the error has been eliminated, it is necessary to reset and clean up the recording archive programmatically or technically.

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