P0016 error of mismatch of the signals of the sensors of the crankshaft and camshaft. Causes and elimination

Error code P0016

Error p0016 indicates about mismatch in the shaft position. This code appears when the data from the sensors of the crankshaft and camshaft do not match, that is, the angular position of the camshaft and crankshaft relative to each other has varied from the standard.

The master controller uses this interrelation of shafts to determine the preparedness of the cylinders prior to fuel injection from the corresponding injectors. The data from the camshaft sensor is also used by the ECM to determine misfire. And if the ECU does not receive such information, it generates a diagnostic error code, and supplies the fuel using the variable and synchronous double ignition method.

Valve timing

Valve timing are the moments of opening and closing of the intake and exhaust valves which are usually expressed in degrees of the crankshaft turn and are marked with respect to the initial or final points of the corresponding cycles.

This error is mainly peculiar to cars with valve gear chain drive, as well as to cars with timing belts. Herewith, the car operation can be practically the same. When the error p 0016 occurs, some cars lose the traction and the engine shakes. Moreover, such an error can appear in different operating modes (during heating, at idle speed, on load), everything depends on the reasons for its occurrence.

Error signaling conditions

Error signaling occurs when the control pulse of data from the camshaft sensor cannot be determined at the required intervals on each of the 4 cylinders. Herewith, the indicating light on the dashboard signaling a fault (“check”) starts to illuminate after 3 ignition cycles with failures, and goes out if such a fault has not been detected during 4 successive cycles. Therefore, if there are intervals of the control indication lighting, it can be associated with poor contact, damaged insulation and/or a breakwire.

Causes of the error

In order to determine why the error P0016 has appeared, you need to consider five main causes:

VVT-i system

VVT-i system

  1. Poor contact
  2. Oil contamination or oil path clogging
  3. CKPS, CMPS sensors (sensors of crankshaft/camshaft position)
  4. OCV valve (oil control valve)
  5. CVVT (variable timing control clutch)

In 90% of cases, the shaft mismatch error occurs when there are problems with the VVT-i system, namely:

  • Clutch failure;
  • Wear of the control vvt-I valve;
  • Clogging of the oil paths with coke;
  • Valve filter clogging;
  • Problems with the timing drive, such as a growing chain, a worn out tensioner and damper.
Displacement of the belt/chain just for 1 tooth, when replaced, can often cause P0016 error.

Elimination methods

Quite often there may be a short circuit, an phase sensor open circuit or its failure (wear, coking, mechanical damage). In some cases, the problem of the shaft position interrelation may occur due to the faults of the idle sensor or the rotor hall.

In most cases, successful solution of the problem with the sensor synchronization and elimination of the error P0016 occur after replacing the growing chain and its tensioner.

In the worst case, this procedure is not sufficient, since the growing chain damages the gear teeth!

When car owners neglect the replacement of the engine oil in a timely manner, the VVT clutch operation fault can also occur in addition to all other problems, due to the clogging of the oil paths, the geometry of the shaft control clutch contributes to incorrect operation, and as a result, a synchronization error occurs. And if there is a wear of the inner plate, then the CVVT clutch starts wedging.

Measures to find the guilty parts should begin with checking the wiring of the crankshaft and camshaft sensors, and then in a sequential order taking into account the above listed factors affecting the shaft synchronization.

If the error has appeared after any procedures with the shafts earlier, then the human factor usually takes place (something has been installed improperly, missed or untightened).

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